Real Time Analytics @FedUni Brisbane

Teaching During PhD Study

This semester, I get an opportunity as a sessional LECTURER. I teach Real Time Analytics course in Master of Technology (Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics) program at the Federation University, Brisbane Campus.

Data Mining at UQ
Data Mining at UQ

Previously, I have been a TUTOR for the Data Mining course at the University of Queensland (UQ) for the last three years.

Besides doing research, I love teaching and helping people understand valuable knowledge and acquire a useful skill.

I am so grateful that during my Ph.D. study here at the UQ, I have some teaching experiences:

[1] Instructor in R during ResBaz 2017 at the UQ (Software Carpentry);

[2] Tutor for Data Mining course at the UQ 2016-2018;

[3] Python programming series for fellow Indonesian postgraduate students 2018; and

[4] Lecturer for Real Time Analytics at the FedUni Brisbane.

Research Bazaar (ResBaz) at UQ
Research Bazaar (ResBaz) at UQ

Software Carpentry provided 2 full days instructor training, UQ gave 4 hours tutor training, and FedUni delivered 23 hours lecturer training (15 hours face to face on campus in two full days plus 8 hours online modules).

The training is extremely useful, especially for me who don’t have any formal degree in teaching. It always helps me taking my teaching skills one step further. This surely will benefit my future students in Indonesia and beyond.

ICIS 2018 - San Francisco

ICIS 2018, San Francisco: Competitive but Supportive Venue

In December 2018, I attended the 40th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2018) in San Francisco.

I presented my paper titled “Treatment Recommendation in Critical Care: A Scalable and Interpretable Approach in Partially Observable Health States”.

ICIS 2018 - Presentation
ICIS 2018 – Presentation

ICIS is the top conference in the Information Systems community. It has a rank A* in Core Ranking – similar to AAAI / IJCAI in the AI community or KDD / ICDM in the Data Mining community.

The acceptance rate for ICIS 2018 was 26.1% (368 accepted papers from 1411 submission). German has the most accepted papers followed by the US, Australia, Singapore, and China.

ICIS 2018 - Award Lunch
ICIS 2018 – Award Lunch

Despite a very competitive and prestigious venue, I found that ICIS is a very welcoming and supportive environment. People commented and provided constructive feedback in very respected manners.

Great to join the conference and learned state of the art IS-Healthcare research! ICIS 2019 will be held in Munich, Germany.

Principles of Professional Teachers

EAIT Tutor Training Workshop

I attended 4 hours Tutor Training Workshop on Friday, 22 July 2016. This workshop was conducted by The Faculty of Engineering, Architecture, and Information Technology (EAIT), The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia. It was fun and interactive morning. As a new tutor in UQ, this is a compulsory training I need to attend. Yes, I will be a tutor for data mining course in semester 2, 2016. There were several important and valuable knowledge and skills that I learned from this workshop. I wish I got this kind of training before I started my job as lecturer several years ago. Better late than never. I believe it is important for me to write down most important principles of professional teachers so that I can reflect to this note again in the future. Here we go! Continue reading “Principles of Professional Teachers”

Tips Diterima PhD #1: Relasi dan Integritas

Mang Engking - UI Depok, Nov 2014. Diner bersama Xue Li hosted by Prof Heru.
Mang Engking – UI Depok, Nov 2014. Diner bersama Xue Li hosted by Prof Heru.

Akhir Oktober 2015 ini, ada ACM Multimedia Conference di Brisbane. Baik PhD supervisor saya (Prof Xue Li) maupun supervisor istri (Prof Dian Tjondronegoro), sama-sama jadi Local Organization Chairs. Saat pertemuan-pertemuan awal PhD, diskusi dengan supervisor membicarakan juga hal pribadi termasuk keluarga. Istri bilang kalau saya juga PhD tapi di UQ (bukan QUT) dengan Xue Li. Ternyata mereka sudah saling kenal karena sudah beberapa kali meeting bareng (salah satunya) untuk keperluan konferensi ini (ACMMM). Continue reading “Tips Diterima PhD #1: Relasi dan Integritas”