ICIS 2018 - San Francisco

ICIS 2018, San Francisco: Competitive but Supportive Venue

In December 2018, I attended the 40th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2018) in San Francisco.

I presented my paper titled “Treatment Recommendation in Critical Care: A Scalable and Interpretable Approach in Partially Observable Health States”.

ICIS 2018 - Presentation
ICIS 2018 – Presentation

ICIS is the top conference in the Information Systems community. It has a rank A* in Core Ranking – similar to AAAI / IJCAI in the AI community or KDD / ICDM in the Data Mining community.

The acceptance rate for ICIS 2018 was 26.1% (368 accepted papers from 1411 submission). German has the most accepted papers followed by the US, Australia, Singapore, and China.

ICIS 2018 - Award Lunch
ICIS 2018 – Award Lunch

Despite a very competitive and prestigious venue, I found that ICIS is a very welcoming and supportive environment. People commented and provided constructive feedback in very respected manners.

Great to join the conference and learned state of the art IS-Healthcare research! ICIS 2019 will be held in Munich, Germany.

Healthcare Data Scientist: A fulfilling career in 2020

Credit Picture: SMBC and 80000hours
Credit Picture: SMBC and 80000hours

Dokter, guru, superman dan pekerjaan-pekerjaan lainnya yang berhubungan langsung dengan masyarakat sangatlah mulia. Mereka, tentunya atas izin Allah, dapat menyelamatkan nyawa, mencerdaskan wawasan dan sebagainya. Di sisi lain, ilmuan (scientists) dan peneliti (researchers) sering dianggap sebagai menara gading. Mereka dianggap terlalu teoritis dan kontribusinya seakan abstrak. Padahal, mereka justru banyak berkontribusi memajukan hidup manusia.  Continue reading “Healthcare Data Scientist: A fulfilling career in 2020”