Machine Learning Researcher and Computer Science Lecturer

IEEE SSCI - Paris 2011
IEEE SSCI – Paris 2011

Solving challenging research problems and teaching computer science courses are two most exciting activities in my professional life. A strong background in computer science gives me the analytical framework for simplifying complexity. Rich teaching experiences in three universities train me the communication skills for conveying fundamental and advanced concepts. A close collaboration with world-class researchers in important problems develops my standard for the high possible outcome.

I enjoy doing research in machine learning and data mining applied in healthcare related applications. At the moment, I am a PhD student at The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia under the supervision of Prof. Xue Li. I also serve as a tutor in Data Mining course at UQ. Previously, I had been working as a full-time faculty member at The Universitas YARSI, Jakarta for three years. I taught several courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, and Decision Support Systems. While serving as Head of YARSI E-Health Research Center, I worked with interdisciplinary faculty members to promote collaborative research in E-Health.

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