Teaching During PhD Study

This semester, I get an opportunity as a sessional LECTURER. I teach Real Time Analytics course in Master of Technology (Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics) program at the Federation University, Brisbane Campus.

Data Mining at UQ
Data Mining at UQ

Previously, I have been a TUTOR for the Data Mining course at the University of Queensland (UQ) for the last three years.

Besides doing research, I love teaching and helping people understand valuable knowledge and acquire a useful skill.

I am so grateful that during my Ph.D. study here at the UQ, I have some teaching experiences:

[1] Instructor in R during ResBaz 2017 at the UQ (Software Carpentry);

[2] Tutor for Data Mining course at the UQ 2016-2018;

[3] Python programming series for fellow Indonesian postgraduate students 2018; and

[4] Lecturer for Real Time Analytics at the FedUni Brisbane.

Research Bazaar (ResBaz) at UQ
Research Bazaar (ResBaz) at UQ

Software Carpentry provided 2 full days instructor training, UQ gave 4 hours tutor training, and FedUni delivered 23 hours lecturer training (15 hours face to face on campus in two full days plus 8 hours online modules).

The training is extremely useful, especially for me who don’t have any formal degree in teaching. It always helps me taking my teaching skills one step further. This surely will benefit my future students in Indonesia and beyond.

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