ICIS 2018, San Francisco: Competitive but Supportive Venue

In December 2018, I attended the 40th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2018) in San Francisco.

I presented my paper titled “Treatment Recommendation in Critical Care: A Scalable and Interpretable Approach in Partially Observable Health States”.

ICIS 2018 - Presentation
ICIS 2018 – Presentation

ICIS is the top conference in the Information Systems community. It has a rank A* in Core Ranking – similar to AAAI / IJCAI in the AI community or KDD / ICDM in the Data Mining community.

The acceptance rate for ICIS 2018 was 26.1% (368 accepted papers from 1411 submission). German has the most accepted papers followed by the US, Australia, Singapore, and China.

ICIS 2018 - Award Lunch
ICIS 2018 – Award Lunch

Despite a very competitive and prestigious venue, I found that ICIS is a very welcoming and supportive environment. People commented and provided constructive feedback in very respected manners.

Great to join the conference and learned state of the art IS-Healthcare research! ICIS 2019 will be held in Munich, Germany.

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